Thursday, December 9, 2010

.., this deployment can suck it!! 1wk

This week has been really hard., watching my husband walk away to the buses where they took him from us., some may see it differently i know this is his job but were never prepared for how hard it is to see them walk away,. they say everday is easier and you dont want to belive it. you just feel like your whole world just got crushed and pulled apart so how is it suposed to get easier., but its the truth (week one we kicked your ass!!) going from a wife to her husbands 13 hours diff time zone. my kids going from daddy all the time to maybe daddy gets to skype really. going from a 2 parent family to a temp single mother position idc if ppl disagree with me on that statment. I love my Kids more than i can begin to describe., from day 1 its a learning experince raising children along with mistakes made., looking back at the decisions letting them get messy when there playing bc there kids., I am not a perfect mother but i try my best to be thest best i can be. and my husband is the best father i can ever ask to be in there life. so we reallly want this deployment to go fast. i got off subject there and thats ok. I am a good mother., my kids are healthy. happy and they love me and brad. and there spoiled rotten. sounds like were doing something right. so when the army says its time to go i know its time go., i promise you brad will be the same man i am with 50-100 yrs raising our grandchildren and great grandchildren. Hes not only the father to our babys., the man of my dreams., our true hero.soldier. Hes ours! i am proud of him i dont like this deployment but i love the man in the uniform so me and his kids are waiting pateintly and proudly!

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